We've Expanded! New Products!

Rock Buddies is exploding! In a good way, of course. And OK, maybe not exploding, but expanding. Yes, that's it, we're expanding. Not waistband-ate-too-much-during-the-holidays expanding, but expanding by adding new Rock Buddies.

This past holiday season we introduced Holiday Rock Buddies, rock pets that come with either a Santa hat or an Elf hat.

They were a big hit! Here is what one customer had to say:

And this guy liked his Rock Buddy so much, he decided to keep it for himself!

Our latest addition in the Rock Buddy family are cozy Winter Rock Buddies.

We'll continue to add new Rock Buddies in the coming year. Stay tuned. You'll like them and maybe you'll even want to get one for yourself.

Thank you all for being the best customers and wishing you a very Happy and Rockin' 2022!

You Rock!



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