About Us


What is Rock Buddies and how did it get started?

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Hi! I'm Molly a quirky, fun auntie to 17 nieces and nephews, someone who likes to hike, bike, and talk to strangers. I started Rock Buddies as a desire to connect others, encourage others, and spread joy in a fun and anonymous way.

I LOVE getting mail. As a child I would write letters to my pen pal in Georgia and send postcards whenever traveling. My mother also taught me to always send a thank you note. I still abide by this today.

Here at Rock Buddies, we believe in lifting others up. We believe that the world needs a little bit more love, a little bit more encouragement, and with an element of surprise.

The way we do this is through unique Rock Buddies. Each Rock Buddy comes with a personalized 'You Rock!' card. Sign your name or leave it anonymous, the choice is yours! Let the fun begin!

Thanks for playing and spreading joy to those who may need a little light in their lives.

-Molly and The Rock Whisperers