Will the receiver know who sent them their Rock Buddy?

Only if you sign your name on the YOU ROCK! card. Otherwise all orders are sent anonymously.

Can I pick out the Rock Buddy I want to send?

No, your Rock Buddy chooses! You can even send one to yourself and be surprised! You could get a baby Rock Buddy or an elderly one with a mustache. You could get a girl, boy, man, woman, even twins!

The rocks displayed on the websites are examples of what your Rock Buddy might look like. Or heck, you might even get one of the rocks that is featured on this site!

How big is a Rock Buddy/what features do they have?

Each Rock Buddy is a unique, natural, hand selected multi-colored stone, ranging from 1" to 3" in size. All come with googly eyes and most have hair, a beard or a mustache, however a few of the older and baby Rock Buddies are bald.

Where do the Rock Buddy names come from?

Our team of highly skilled and trained individuals learn the Rock Buddies names, birth dates, and interests from each rock. They are rock whisperers. Did you receive a rock with a rockin' name?

What is included?

1. One unique Rock Buddy

2. One unique Birth Certificate

3. A personalized 'You Rock!' card

4. Packaging/Shipping

5. A little splash of mystery and joy

Questions? Contact: yourockbuddies@gmail.com

Can I order more than one at a time?

The box the Rock Buddy comes in is also the box it is shipped in. Therefore, if you want to send two or more Rock Buddies to the same address, you will need to order them separately.