Love Rock Buddies

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Send your special love a Rock Buddy!
How It Works:
1. Decide who will receive the Rock Buddy.
2. Add what you want written on the YOU ROCK! card.
3. We ship your Rock Buddy to any U.S.A. address.

What is included?
  • A unique Rock Buddy. Each rock is uniquely designed with googly eyes and either hair, a mustache or beard, braids, buns, or they could be bald!
  • A 'YOU ROCK!' card with your personal message handwritten by one of our team members.
  • A birth certificate that shows his or her unique Rock Buddy name, birth date, and interests.
  • A 3x5x1 box with heart confetti. ❤️
Will they know I sent it?

Only if you decide to include your name on the card. All Rock Buddies are otherwise sent anonymously!

Can I pick out which Rock Buddy I want to send?

No, and that's part of the fun! Your Rock Buddy chooses you! The ones displayed are shown as examples. It's a surprise to both you and the recipient to see which Rock Buddy they receive! You can even send one to yourself!

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