6 Simple Ways To Create An Incredible 2021

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"The best way to predict the future is to create it."

In the beginning of this New Year, I invite you to:

Create opportunities for growth. Take care of yourself mentally and emotionally. Whether it be through hiking in nature, reading a good book, taking much needed walks with friends, or finding the 'right' counselor. 
Create a presence of love for others. By being present in their lives. Through the gift of friendship and family. By supporting others in their joys (weddings, accomplishments, births, new homes, etc.) and in their sorrows (sicknesses, deaths, losses, etc.). 
Create an atmosphere of helping in your community through service, voting, and paying it forward.
Create space for your co-workers by listening, welcoming their ideas, bringing treats into the lunchroom.
Create memories with your children by asking open ended questions and bringing them on one-on-one dates.
Create an attitude of gratitude with your spouse/partner by recognizing their love language and showering them with gratitude.
It's a New Year. Time to start anew. Fresh. Alert. Awake.
Create 2021.

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